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Bermain Twitter dengan R (Part 6) – Sentiment Analysis dengan Naive Bayes (Go-Jek vs Grab vs Uber)

“Twitter and Facebook are brilliant- tools, the journalistic uses of which are still being plumbed. They are great for disseminating interesting material. They are useful for gathering information, including from places that are inaccessible.”

~ Bill Keller

Akhirnya, sampai juga kita di penghujung bagian dari pembahasan dasar sentiment analysis post Twitter menggunakan bahasa pemrograman R. πŸ™‚Selengkapnya »Bermain Twitter dengan R (Part 6) – Sentiment Analysis dengan Naive Bayes (Go-Jek vs Grab vs Uber)

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“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without loosing something.”

~ Richard Stallman

Alhamdulillahi Robbil alamin, segala puji dan syukur saya panjatkan ke hadirat Alloh SWT, karena atas berkat dan rahmatNya, akhirnya terhitung sejak 22 Agustus 2018, Idul Adha 1939 H, pukul 22.03 WIB, akhirnya justtypeandrun.wordpress.com telah resmi pindah ke website mandiri, hakim-azizul.com. πŸ™‚Selengkapnya »Pindah Rumah!

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Bermain Twitter dengan R (Part 2) – Finding Trending Topics

“Social media makes it extraordinarily easy to join crusades, express solidarity and outrage, and shun traitors. Facebook was founded in 2004, and since 2006 it has allowed children as young as 13 to join. This means that the first wave of students who spent all their teen years using Facebook reached college in 2011, and graduated from college only this year.

These first true β€œsocial-media natives” may be different from members of previous generations in how they go about sharing their moral judgments and supporting one another in moral campaigns and conflicts. We find much to like about these trends; young people today are engaged with one another, with news stories, and with prosocial endeavors to a greater degree than when the dominant technology was television. But social media has also fundamentally shifted the balance of power in relationships between students and faculty; the latter increasingly fear what students might do to their reputations and careers by stirring up online mobs against them.”

~ Greg Lukianoff, Jonathan Haidt, “The Coddling of the American Mind”, The Atlantic, (September 2016).

Halo, apa kabar semuanya? :*

Sebagai lanjutan dari “Bermain Twitter dengan R, Part 1”, di postingan kali ini, kita akan membahas tips & trick yang insyaAlloh akan lebih berfaedah lagi, yaitu cara memperoleh trending topic di suatu daerah tertentu, maupun di seluruh dunia!Selengkapnya »Bermain Twitter dengan R (Part 2) – Finding Trending Topics

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